#nofrillsfriday 04 - a week of meetings and making

This week has been 50/50 between meetings and making.  We started the week off meeting some local makers who are part of our Etsy Team - Birmingham Originals - and as it was the first time we'd all met we made sure there was lots of coffee, tea and pastries.  Yum!  One maker also brought along her whippet puppy who was BEAUTIFUL albeit a little unsure of Louis who was terribly overexcited by everything.

We spent our time plotting what we want to do for our Etsy Craft Party which will be happening on June 6th 2015 - location TBC, which was part of what our meeting was about!  Lots of ideas, enthusiasm, suggestions and more ideas.  Excitingness! 

The remainder of the week has seen us doing a lot of frantic design work for a secret project which we can't yet reveal (but will be shouting about as soon as we can!) and taking the opportunity to add to our existing range...

Louis is often looked after by our lovely friend Chloe, who has a sometimes-grumpy Beagle called Cassie, and an always-happy-to-see-you Bassett Hound called Molly.  Louis gets along with them both fabulously, and they proved to be perfect inspiration to begin developing our Frilly Menagerie range. [coming soon to an online shop near you soon.. eg. on here, as soon as they're photographed properly!]

We also played around with the proper beginnings of our Frilly Feminists line which we plan on launching at the Bust Craftacular in London in May.  We've got a wonky Hermione hidden away upstairs, but before we get round to fixing her, Kirsty began work on a Joseph Gordon Levitt (renowned feminist!) and a Ryan Gosling (Hey Girl..) that just kind of looks a bit chunky in the neck region. We can't work out why, or how to fix him (if at all?!) just yet - but we know there's something not quite right about him.  He's a definite work-in-progress.   JGL is spot on though, and we're loving his dapper striped tie!

Kirsty also decided to expand her Instagramming to include a short video which is likely to make you feel slightly nauseous - especially if you're a passenger in a moving vehicle when you watch it.  SO.  MUCH.  SWAYING.  These will become additions to our Seaman Sayings BEFORE we do the Spring Market at the Bond in Birmingham.  Deadlines ahoy!

Other fun-ness this week:

  • Adrienne & Lee had a night off from looking after Louis and went to see Cirque Eloize do Cirkopolis at Birmingham Hippodrome which they both agreed was amazing. (Adrienne now wants a Cyr Wheel (despite being mostly unable to balance on a regular bicycle..) and Lee is convinced the world has no need for jugglers.)
  • Kirsty has her oldest bestest friend visiting from NYC so there has been much geeky chat (Miranda runs Clutter Magazine - who we <3!) and catching up as it's been awhile since they last hung out.
  • We finally managed to track down Karlos G Tailor so we could discuss UNIFORMS!  Shan't say any more about them, but they're going to be AMAZING!
  • And to round the week off, we briefly met Fly - a hand-painted signs guy with an amazing portfolio who we're going to get to paint our front door.  This is possibly the most exciting thing this week, though it's been a pretty exciting week overall anyway!