QUARTERMASTERS x BDF at Impact Hub Bimringham


QUARTERMASTERS x BDF at Impact Hub Bimringham


This covers the cost of your presence at Birmingham Design Festival.

This includes a pop up shop managed by Qtrmstrs, sales of finished goods, of which a further 10% commission will be taken from all sales made on your behalf, this covers transaction and sales fees.

Set up of goods for Brum Design Fest


You are welcome to bring your goods on Friday 7th 9-11am and set up your space yourself that morning and collect your goods at the end of the festival on Saturday 8th at 5pm.


You can deliver your products to Tina Francis Tapestry’s studio on either Wednesday 5th or Thursday 6th:

7 Pitsford St, Birmingham B18 6LJ

Please email and confirm product drop and collection with Tina via info@tina-francis-tapestry.co.uk to agree a time and day - whether you’re dropping off at Tina’s or taking stock direct to Impact Hub, Birmingham:

Walker Bldg, 58 Oxford St, Birmingham B5 5NR

Product displays are a mixture of OSB displays as per previous QtrMstr set ups and in situ table top. Locations to be confirmed by Qtrmstrs who are curating the space.

Please ensure prices for stock and a price and qty list is supplied with your goods, along with any business cards and packing materials for all sales.

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