The ongoing evolution of our 'shopfront'

It's been NEARLY (but not quite) a year of Frilly Industries - and we've been super busy of late, looking to ramp things up even moreso as we count down to the inevitable xmas frenzy.  This weekend we've been at our first Nottingham market - organised by Bird in Borrowed Feathers, and it was FAB!  Amazingly friendly lovely diverse range of sellers, fab organisation with very clear instructions and requirements, awesome central city location (yes, I popped into Primark to nab a cheap cardi when I started to get a bit chilly!) and a great two days spent hanging out in Nottingham.  We created new merchandising displays for this particular market which we're slightly obsessed with, and so it seemed timely to have a quick look over the various iterations of REAL LIFE FRILLY.

1. Our first outing - December 2014, at the Made By.. market in a disused hangar in Aldridge

Photo courtesy of Wayne Fox Photography 

Photo courtesy of Wayne Fox Photography 

Photo courtesy of Wayne Fox Photography

Photo courtesy of Wayne Fox Photography

It was cold.  So cold.  And we'd only JUST got to grips with Bertha, who was still playing up and being stubborn.  We'd had a run of insanely late nights in the studio prepping everything, with no clue how we were going to display things, and having only really just started thinking about pricing.  Consequently, everything was pretty much on one level, and our prices were WAY TOO LOW! (steep learning curve here we come..)  Our entire layout consisted of brightly coloured Duck tape to 'zone' areas of the display, some quickly layered pegboard, and a lovely light up sign.  The light up sign is pretty much the only thing we thought was a brilliant idea.

2. The Bust Craftacular look - which has lasted up until last weekend..

Photo courtesy of Lee Allen Photography

Photo courtesy of Lee Allen Photography

Photo courtesy of Lee Allen Photography

We quickly realised our Walsall pricing error, and worked hard to figure out everything from our overheads to profit margins and beyond.  By the time Bust Craftacular came around in May 2015 we'd ironed those niggly bits out, and spent time figuring out how we wanted to present ourselves.  We kept the light up sign, but made it bigger and better and more colourful.  Even though most of our work is wood - we do this because we love bright colourful clothing and hair, and wooden jewellery matches everything!  So we opted to go BRIGHT and bold with our display items, and added extra height levels using different risers and trays.  We still weren't completely happy with this arrangement though..

3. Nottingham and beyond!

Photos courtesy of our iPhones!

Photos courtesy of our iPhones!

Photos courtesy of our iPhones!

Photos courtesy of our iPhones!

We've upgraded the Frilly light up sign (with plans to add to this over time) making it more portable - either hanging or 'floating' (good old Velcro!), kept our coloured boxes and trays and added some fun heads as displays!  We feel like maybe sometimes people don't know who an item is for - and we feel like all our stuff could be for ANYONE - from Iris Apfel (Kirsty's personal style guru) through to a bearded hipster dude to a small child.  By having these heads, we can show how our pieces might work on a range of imaginary (and fun!) people.  We think there's still probably some work to do on levels, but this is definitely my favourite Frilly stall so far!  Fun and colourful, but with a bombardment of characters and ideas and words and THINGS!

Now: to revamp all our online presences to match! 

#nofrillsfriday 09 - Blog and Buy Sale: Wish List Picks

 [disclaimer: our #nofrillsfriday are normally awkward messy quick snapshots of our works in progress or what we've been up to - but this week we've been doing secret designs we can't yet share, and now Adrienne and Lee are en route to Newquay for a bank holiday wedding! (Not theirs, though!) so instead we thought we'd do a long overdue post instead!]

We've used Blog and Buy Sale in the past to seek out ways to spend money on awesomeness. When we were picked to feature in their Spring Wish List we did a little happy dance. 

For those of you that have no idea what this means we'll just let them explain it in their own words (way more succinctly than we ever could). 

The BlogAndBuySale Wish List is a curated list of the very best creative products available online.

Make sure you get what you really want this year by browsing the Wish List, sharing with friends and family the products you can’t live without.

There are so many brilliant things being sold by independent artists and designers, but the problem is the public doesn’t always stumble upon them. It is our job to point you in the right direction to find that perfect gift, while also making sure the artist / designer fully benefits from every sale! Prepare to have your knitted socks blown off by the amount of talent on show!

We were lucky enough to get three of our jewellery designs featured in the list:

Baby Balls!

Seaman Sayings!

Medals of Modern Achievement: Adventurer!

But enough about us. We wanted to share with you our top picks from the other awesome independent designers and makers out there. We have to admit it was a bit of struggle to narrow it down to 5 and so we certainly don't envy the guest curators job in shortlisting the wish list each season, that's for sure.

In no particular order our picks are: 


This was an easy pick for us. Wes Anderson. Grand Budapest. Stitching. Need we say anymore?

A cat related item was always going to be in there and with a few to choose from it was tough for Kirsty to decide. However, with her ever growing and unnecessary collection of tote bags there will always be room for one more; especially with such an awesome, bright and minimalist kitty print.

From one Film Club to another 'The Goonies' is an awesome film and as we have a Sloth print on our walls it would have been rude not to promote the Sloth love. Rendered and captured so simply whilst still inherently Sloth - that takes control and editing that Kirsty in particular lacks -  she never knows when to say enough!  

We long to make our own Risograph prints (But alas, the tech is becoming more and more scarce!) and this print ticks so many boxes: bird lovers, batman fans, and perfect for the walls of anyone of any age. We are now hoping birds will visit our office wearing superhero costumes.

We love the prints of Sparrow and Wolf, origami (duh! check out our origami animals) but Adrienne is also a make-up fiend who loses her make-up bag all the time. This is one bag you would never want to lose with the cute pom pom pulley!

Now whilst that is our 5 picks we couldn't _not_ give shout outs to some of the other makers. Hunkdory Home has some beautifully printed homewares and whilst the wish list features a very tempting Dinosaur, their tiger print is too cute! As needle felting and animal fans the work of Karen Rao in her hat making is awesome! Finally Gaynor Trophies is a new shop getting up and running but uses the most incredible African prints for cushions and bags. 

Whatever your cuppa tea there will be something to entice you to spend on the Blog and Buy sale, whether it is from the Wish List or latest product spots, be sure to follow them for a regular dose of shiny - and support local makers.